No one likes to deal with Excess inventory, except us!

Every electronics equipment manufacturer faces the issue of excess inventory at some point. Excess electronic inventory can result from a variety of situations, and in the majority of cases the component manufacturer will not accept returns. You could try selling the inventory yourself, or outsource the problem to a professional.

FL are specialist Excess inventory brokers with over eighteen years’ experience in the industry. With trading partners all over the world, whether you need to sell an individual product line or clear an entire warehouse, we’re ready to help.

Inventory management is not a precise science. With new technology constantly emerging, supply chain management is more important than ever. As inventory ages, the value decreases so working with a reliable Excess partner will help to regain the maximum return for your stock.

FL will work with you to make the process straightforward. How it works:

1. Send us a list of your excess Active and Passive components including part number, manufacturer, quantity, date code, or as much detail as you have.

2. One of our Account Managers will appraise the value and condition of your list to determine our offer.

3. In some cases, we will visit your warehouse to personally appraise your excess inventory and assist you with the selling process.

4. If you need an entire warehouse to be cleared, we can fix a lot price.

5. Our offer will be an Outright Buy, Consignment Partnership, or a combination of the two.

As an independent inventory management company, FL have the skills and capability to offer tailored solutions which are both fast and discreet, allowing you to get back to your core business.

Send my excess list.